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Get Scheduled Weekly Training, On Call Coaching. Expert Advice. Monumental Momentum in a Clear Direction. 

So you’ve got a small business, and you’re here right now because you know you need marketing. My guess is you’ve had all the “marketing guru’s” and “the best agency’s” pitch you their services at prices that made you choke on your coffee. Maybe you even took them up on their offer, and they did stuff, you have no idea what they did really, or how it worked, and you still haven’t grown your business to where you want it to be.

(If you already have awesome amazing marketing, then honestly I’m not sure why you’re here haha, OR if you think you know everything already, or are not willing to invest in improving yourself to grow your business, you need not read on… everyone else.. click the button!)

Our Expertise – What You Will Learn!

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An investment in knowledge pays the best interest

  • Hannah has been helping businesses achieve their business goals with strategic marketing plans and digital marketing services for 6 years.
  • She’ll work with you and your staff to implement your own marketing plan and digital marketing campaigns
  • Personalized one on one coaching and training based on your business goals
  • Benefit from ongoing accountability and build momentum within your business
  • Develop your growth mindset and learn valuable time and energy management skills
  • Create systems and processes within your business to streamline your business and your life!
  • You have the big vision of your business, Hannah will help you break it down into small daily tasks that turn into big progress
  • 6 Week, 12 Week and 6 Month Programs – find out how you can get a week or a month FREE!

The Only Mistake You Can Make, Is Not Asking For Help” – Sandeep Jauhar

“With the help from Savage Marketing, my business saw monumental growth. I now have a much larger client list and am much more profitable. The best part is I barely have to think about my marketing, as my marketing consultant looks after all of it.”

Harley Osgood

Next Level Computer Solutions
“I have a PhD in marketing, so I was always going to be a fussy client. I gave Hannah a very tight brief around building my business logo, and fortunately for me showed me alternative options. She made me think outside the square and our final iteration truly represents my multifaceted business. I have already had someone attribute my new logo to my personal brand, showing that its distinctiveness is very valuable for driving mental availability. I highly recommend others give Hannah their business and trust her with their brief.”

Professor Karen Nelson-Field

Amplified Intelligence
“Savage Marketing has really taken my business to the next level. By integrating the analysis of the tailored marketing results with the culture and direction my business is striving for, together we have forged ahead and become the market leaders in Martial Arts instruction, resources and recognition in our area (40km – 25miles radius) among heavy competition. I highly recommend working with Hannah for anyone hoping to take their marketing to the next level.”

Geordie Lavers-McBain

Owner – Black Dragon Kai
“Need a marketing Guru? Hannah is mad keen about what she does and you know she has your best interests in mind. She is an absolute bloodhound in finding all the best deals and offers available to you and she takes a genuine interest in seeing you excel. Best thing I ever did.”

Michael Brown

King Brown Mouthguards

“With Hannah’s help and direction my business website and Facebook are up and running. She has the professional skills, knowledge to help design and promote your business. Especially for a person like me, first time setting up a business and having no idea of design and promoting a business, she is the one who understood my business needs.”

Mei-Hsia Dowler

Top Stream Bookkeeping
“I’d been looking for someone to help me with my social media. I knew that doing it better would help my small business grow – but I guess I didn’t really understand how significant the impact would be.
I completed Savage Marketing’s 6 week Social Media program and I couldn’t be more excited about the result.

My social media following grew significantly and for the first time since starting my business I sold out all the spots in my 12 week training, nutrition and transformation program before I went on leave for 5 weeks. I even picked up my first international online client in the US, making the dream of taking my business global a real possibility.

Thank you again Hannah, I am so grateful for the learning and the ongoing support.” 

Crystal Trace

Strength Lab

The Best Way To Predict The Future, Is To Create It. 

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