Knowledge can be the most useful resource you will find. It can help you make more money, be better at sports, make better decisions, grow as a human and as almost anything else you can think of.

Getting access to knowledge isn’t difficult, there are millions of books, podcasts, online trainings, videos, seminars and coaches all trying to shove their knowledge down your throat. We live in a world of information overload. The problem with this, is people are finding and taking on board what already aligns with their current belief system, to confirm with themselves what they are doing right now is correct, and never really taking on board anything new or changes any of their behaviours or habits based on new knowledge or beliefs.


And even those that are finding new ways of thinking and new knowledge, they still go “Well that’s awesome, I can see how that would benefit my life, I should give it a go” but they never do.


The people that succeed, I mean really succeed and are continuously growing and expanding and doing better and better and the things in their life.. they take action. Knowledge, without action, is useless.

In all of your knowledge acquiring, find 1 thing at a time to take action on. Write it down, and work on it until its a habit. And then you can take on another thing and do the same. And slowly but surely over time, you will have completely changed your knowledge, your beliefs, you action, your habits and your life.

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