New Year’s resolutions have been around for thousands of years. It comes at a time when people look back at the past year(s) and make an effort to improve in some or all aspects of their life as a new year begins. The promises run the gamut from physical to mental also usually from possible to improbable. But, regardless they serve as a goal. We all know that the statistics show that these New Year’s resolutions often don’t last long. What I don’t like about them the most is the feeling of failure and guilt you put yourself through once you inevitably fail to achieve the ambitious goal you set. Even when we are doing better than we were doing at the beginning of the year, because we’ve got this big fat number or target in our face, we fail to see the small progress we are making, and end up throwing in the towel because you’ve got 20kg to lose still, rather than choosing to focus on the 10kg you’ve lost. 

This year rather than make bold, strict statements that would fade within the first few months of the year, create yourself a  MORE/LESS list of our resolutions for 2018. Rather than emphatically say “I will no work any 15 hour plus days this year, and I will never consume sugar again” which is ridiculous because business requires us to do some crazy shit sometimes to keep it all together, and the only available food source during that time is whats available on Uber Eats, and what survived the last 3 weeks in the pantry. You either end up with malnutrition or fail your goals and feel bad about it.

So your new goal will look something like this…

Less Overworking, More Adventures…

Less Sugar, More Water. 

This should work more effectively than a sometimes overwhelming list of “bad” things we do and wondering how we will ever give them up. It will show us the direction we want to go in a gentle, guiding way. In the very first week you can achieve everything on your list with just a little more of this and a little less of that which makes you feel amazing and super motivated to keep doing a little more and a little less. You will amaze yourself at what you end up achieving by the end of 2018 🙂


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